Presentation Control Panel Licence

Presentation Control Panel is licensed using a simple model.

It uses a single licence type that grants one person two simultaneous activations of the product. That is, you can have one at work and one at home, or one on your desktop machine and one on your laptop, but if the same machine is used by two different people and they both want to use PCP, they must both have a valid licence key.

Once activated a particular instance of the licence cannot be deactivated for 28 days. Nor can a licence be deactivated if there have been more than four deactivations in the preceding 365 days. These restrictions are in place in order to limit the scope for abuse by constantly switching the licence from machine to machine.

You do need an internet connection to activate and deactivate licences as the licensing system communicates directly with my licensing service. Once activated the system will perform periodic checks of the licence for continued validity. If the licence is found to be invalid it will be removed from the machine.

Licenses are available in quantities of 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 keys, with prices starting at £15 for a single user (excluding VAT/Sales taxes).

Please note:-
I reserve the right to terminate a licence at my discretion (you will be notified by email if this should occur). If for example you were to send abusive emails or messages or your payment is subject to a chargeback, the licenses registered to you may be blocked.