Progress Update

Since setting up the domains and the site, I’ve been very busy with work and studying, but I have been able to find some time to progress my first release ‘Presentation Control Panel’.

When I setup the site, I had quite a lot to do, so here’s a quick breakdown of whats been done:-

  • Licensing System
    • Interface to Share-It has been completed
    • API for activating, deactivating and checking licenses has been implemented
    • Licensing system control panel has basic functionality completed (reporting and key searching)
  • Presentation Control Panel
    • C# interface to licensing system has been implemented and is being tested
    • All core functionality is complete and operational
    • Slide inspector has been developed to allow all slides and their visibility/links to be edited at once
    • User manual is about 75% complete
    • Demonstration presentation is about 75% complete
  • Share-It Store Front
    • All products have been defined
    • All artwork has been uploaded
    • Link to licensing system has been setup ready for test purchases
  • Other
    • Support site is ready and waiting
    • On-line content for is about 75% complete

So what’s left to do?

  • Licensing System
    • Admin tools (for key and product management)
  • Presentation Control Panel
    • Print wizard – Allows you to add a script to the presentation that can be used to print slides in an exported presentation
    • User manual – Waiting for finalised forms from missing functionality
    • Create and test installers for Office 2007 and 2010
  • Share-It Store Front
    • Make the products visible to the general public
  • Other
    • Finish inter-site links
    • Finish content
    • Test it – Again 🙂

I hope to have this done before 2013. Most of it should be fairly quick once I get into the swing of it, so stay tuned for further updates.